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Community Information

About JURA

Justice Recreation Association or JURA is run by volunteers from Ministry of Justice and retired staff. The aim of JURA is to provide sports, leisure events and activities for all JURA members.

JURA caters for the recreational interests of all staff who work as part of the Ministry of Justice, its associated offices, plus all retired or ex employees of the MoJ, DCA & LCD.

JURA is funded by the Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC) from the membership subscriptions of MoJ staff. In partnership with CSSC, JURA aims to help staff improve;

  • Work-life-balance
  • Physical health
  • Emotional well-being

How to Join

There is no ‘Joining Fee’ to be a member of JURA. To ensure you get information about JURA's future events & activities, visit the JURA Website – and register your deals, its free!

JURA will then ensure you are included in all its future Newsletters and Communications.

JURA is for all staff who work as part of the Ministry of Justice, its associated offices, plus retired or ex employees of the MoJ, DCA & LCD.


Welcome to SPARTA, the sports and recreation association of the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC)

SPARTA is a non-profit making organisation whose aim is to promote and encourage social and recreational activities within DLUHC and DfT. It:

  • Helps to promote staff health and wellbeing.
  • Has an elected management committee (GMC) which has a Permanent Secretary as its President.
  • Is affiliated to the Civil Service Sports Council.
  • Is responsible for promoting sport and recreation through its various affiliated activity clubs/societies in London and affiliated regional branch clubs. In London there are sports clubs/societies covering a wide range of sporting and recreational activities.
  • Has affiliated regional branches around the country.
  • Hosts the annual DLUHC and DfT Sports Day, where staff from all over the country descend on London for a day of competitive sport, designed to give staff the chance to meet different colleagues across the Department(s).
  • Finances competitors representing combined DLUHC/DfT teams in various civil service national championships.

How to Join

For just £2 a month, SPARTA members can benefit from:

  • Grants for affiliated clubs towards running costs and equipment financial support for teams/individuals to participate in national/international sporting competitions.
  • A departmental sports day.
  • Ballot entry to purchase tickets to The Championships, Wimbledon.
  • SPARTA will continue to pursue other benefits for members, including discounts and tickets to sporting events.
  • Membership joining forms can be found here.

Membership is open to all staff, former staff, and their families.

About DSRA

Welcome to the Defence Sports and Recreation Association (DSRA). DSRA is the MOD’s Department Association for delivering sport, physical activity, recreation and wellbeing activities to civilians across Defence.  

The aim of DSRA is to improve the mental, physical and social wellbeing of Defence Civilians by providing the opportunity to stay active and well.

Some of these opportunities include:

  • A financial support system that helps individuals and groups to participate in sport, physical activity and recreational activities. This complements the grants and funding pots provided by CSSC.
  • Bespoke challenges throughout the year (including virtual challenges and quizzes)
  • Local activities delivered by DSRA clubs and groups
  • An annual MOD Sport and Wellbeing Day
  • Access to 'DSRAid' a multi-branch grant programme that offers financial support and rewards to eligible staff taking part in the sporting and/or recreational activities of their choice;
      • DSRAid (Cycle, Run or Walk) incentivises staff to incorporate exercise into their journey to/from work by rewarding those that do with a voucher to an online fitness retailer.
      • DSRAid (Individual) offers a small cash grant (of up to £50pp) to help with the cost of entry into an organised (usually commercial) sporting event or activity.
      • DSRAid (Group) offers a cash grant (of up to £75pp) to helps groups with the cost of taking part in organised events or activities including where travel and/or accommodation are required.
      • DSRAid (Elite) can provide substantial financial support (of up to £500pp) to high-performing athletes selected for representative competition or those looking to gain an instructional qualification that might support other MOD staff in the future.
      • DSRAid (Clubs) supports business areas or establishments with the cost of providing various local-level facilities, events and opportunities that support health and wellbeing through sport and recreation.

How to Join

All you need to do is become a CSSC member and you will then automatically be eligible to benefit from DSRA activities and opportunities.

MOD Civil Servants (including those at DECA, DSTL and UKHO) are eligible to join. To find out more visit the DSRA SharePoint or contact the DSRA team directly if you do not have access to SharePoint via email


The Scottish Government Sports and Social Association (SGSSA) gives its members access to a range of facilities across many SG buildings.

Members can also get advice from various experts, such as personal trainers and fitness instructors, who are available to guide, advise, and motivate. SGSSA currently have on offer approximately 24 instructor lead classes each week available to members free of charge.

How to join

To apply for membership of SGSSA Fitness and have access to all the fitness facilities, you must firstly be a member of the Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC). This costs £4.50 a month which will be in addition to the SGSSA membership fee, set currently at £4 per month.

SGSSA membership is open to all employees and retired employees of the Scottish Government and its Agencies.

Conract SGSSA via email

About DCMS - Sport and Social Network

The DCMS Sport and Social Network (SSN) aims to drive the promotion of wellbeing, diversity and equality through activity across the Department. DCMS work closely with wider networks to deliver events which support their work and support the SSN's wider objectives for delivering sport and social activity and increasing participation.

The SSN supports new and existing sport and social activities in the department, through advice, promotion and financial support, as required, including through links with the CSSC.

This includes delivering key set piece events, such as the staff awards, all staff parties and sports day.

DCMS is open to new ideas, regularly encouraging colleagues to support diversity and inclusion across DCMS through its activity.

How to join

If you work for DCMS search for Sport and Social Network on the DCMS Intranet from your DCMS IT.

All DCMS staff can join either as participants or volunteers. See intranet page for more information, including how you can join committee.

Contact DCMS Sport and Social Network (SSN)  via email


DEFRA S&S is affiliated to the Civil Service Sports Council - Sports and Leisure.

Sports and social programmes across the Defra Group are supported by S&S. S&S works in partnership with, and is funded by, CSSC for sports and leisure activities.


  • Encourage and co-ordinate the pursuit of amateur sports and recreation
  • Assist in the formation of clubs and societies for various forms of sport and recreation
  • Assist in the provision of facilities for the activities of clubs and societies
  • Arrange or help in arranging sporting and social events
  • Give all practicable assistance to affiliated clubs, which may include financial aid All of which are subject to membership of CSSC

Joining eligibility

Any colleagues are classed as part of DEFRA S&S. Any colleague who works under the DEFRA umbrella are eligible.

Any colleague within the DEFRA Group wanting to know more about DEFRA Sports and Social and membership of CSSC are encouraged to contact via email.

About ETHOS 

ETHOS is here to support your wellbeing in the workplace. So, whether you want to get fit, relax or just make friends and have fun - ETHOS has something for everyone.

ETHOS is the nationwide Sports and Social Association for the Home Office offering a range of sporting and leisure activities.

ETHOS objectives are:

  • To provide grants to affiliated Sports and Social Clubs towards running costs and equipment
  • To provide financial support and sponsorship for individuals and teams participating in national and international competitions
  • To provide subsidies to members for social events, trips and holidays
  • To continue to pursue other benefits for members
  • To provide wellbeing benefits and activities such as guided meditation
  • To provide a variety of volunteering opportunities
  • To create a culture of walking in the workplace

Flagship events

  • ETHOS National Golf Tournament & Sports & Wellbeing Day
  • 26/07/2024
  • Kings House Sports Ground Riverside Drive, London W4 2SH

How to join

If you wish to apply for membership then please contact ETHOS and request a membership form.

Membership is reserved for home office staff, retired staff and associates only.

Find out more about ETHOS

About ONS SSA   

The aim of the ONS Sports and Social Association (ONS SSA) is to promote, foster and develop recreational, sporting and social activities for ONS employees. These activities encourage staff to look after their physical and social needs by providing opportunities to engage in activities that cater to a range of different interests and abilities, form supportive social networks, and meet like-minded people with shared hobbies. 

The ONS SSA is responsible for organising both in-person and online events throughout the year. These include competitions, trips and other activities, including: Maundy Thursday Fun Run, Photography Competitions, Sports Day, Christmas Market Trips, Christmas Party. The SSA also supports activities organised by the CSSC and ONS clubs that are affiliated with this association. 

How to join

ONS SSA membership is open to all ONS staff. For a small monthly fee, members get access to a range of benefits including: 

  • Advanced notice of upcoming events organised by the ONS SSA
  • Exclusive prizes in ONS SSA competitions
  • Free or subsidised entry into any ONS SSA-organised events
  • Access to affiliated sports and social clubs at ONS 

To find out more about the ONS SSA and sign up for membership, search “sports and social” on the ONS’s internal intranet or SharePoint, or send the ONS SSA an email

Joining eligibility

This association is open to all ONS staff regardless of location.

Affiliate your Workplace Association

If you're a member of a workplace sport and social association, it's worth exploring the option of becoming an affiliate with CSSC. Affiliation offers several benefits, and the documents provided below will help guide you through the affiliation process and offer valuable insights into affiliation benefits.

Affiliation Guidance NotesAffiliation Guidance Notes

Affiliation Guidance Notes

CSSC warmly welcomes affiliation applications from Workplace Associations (WAs) with a goal to unite and enhance the well-being of CSSC members, Civil Servants, and Public Sector employees.

Affiliation BenefitsAffiliation Benefits

Affiliation Benefits

Affiliating your sport and social association with CSSC can offer numerous benefits, both for the association itself and its members. Read some of the key advantages.

Affiliation Application FormAffiliation Application Form

Affiliation Application Form

The application process is designed for simplicity and convenience, enabling you to apply electronically through an online form. This form consists of a series of straightforward and easy-to-answer questions.

Workplace Association Knowledge Base

To help you successfully manage your Workplace Association, we’ve created a comprehensive library of all the tools and resources to assist you along the way.