CSSC Green

At CSSC we are determined to reduce our plastic waste and pollution to ensure our operations, events and activities are as sustainable as possible.

By working with partners and agencies we will continue to take steps to minimise single use plastic and non-recyclables, reduce our carbon footprint and be a leader of sustainability in the sport and leisure sector.

CSSC Eco-Friendly Offers and Events

Big Team ChallengeBig Team Challenge

Congrats to everyone participated in CSSC ActiveWellbeing challenge! With Big Team Challenge, we planted 2,651 trees with Ecologi, surpassing last year's 1,817. This is the highest number yet, making a big impact on climate change. Thank you for your dedication. 

Learn more about the specific trees being planted for CSSC.
ZSL ConservationZSL Conservation

London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo, part of ZSL, bring people closer to nature and protect wildlife. They inspire a love of animals and play a crucial role in conservation. Home to endangered species, they support innovative ways to restore wildlife. 


Oxy-Plants provides homes across the UK with indoor plants, pots, and care tools. Over 90% of their packaging is recyclable, compostable, or reusable. They help everyone bring the outdoors inside sustainably.


Mobile AdvantageMobile Advantage

MobileAdvantage offers up to 60% off quality refurbished devices, with trade-in options for cash. They provide sustainable tech solutions and exclusive deals, ensuring a reduced environmental impact.

Ethical SuperstoreEthical Superstore

Natural Collection is the UK's leading green shop, offering eco-friendly products like organic cotton clothing, fair trade accessories, stylish homewares, and energy-saving gadgets. Their dedication ensures a greener future.

CSSC Energy SwitchCSSC Energy Switch

Our renewable energy pledge benefits everyone. Price-based auctions ensure the cheapest tariff wins. All electricity tariffs are renewable, giving you a low price while reducing your environmental impact.

CSSC Green Mission Statement

At the start of Plastic Free July, a global movement to highlight and reduce the amount of plastic pollution, we announced our exciting new environmental initiative.

CSSC green is our pledge to develop a programme of local and national actions, events and activities to demonstrate our commitment to becoming more sustainable and reducing our impact on the planet.

We will provide the tools and tips to help members lessen their footprint, and recognise those areas and regions that best demonstrate their commitment to hosting green events and activities with awards and rewards.

We invite you to join us on our ongoing journey to safeguard the planet for future generations by sharing your ideas and proposals to live, work and play more sustainably.

Key Principles

  • Online banking
  • Paperless office
  • Online expenses system
  • Green investment funds
  • Ensure our current energy providers source their energy from renewable resources and if not look at alternative providers during contract renewal.
  • Upgrade our facilities including lighting, hand dryers and head office supplies.
  • Introduce more plants
  • We have moved to an organic, zero waste milk supplier at head office
  • We have introduced a bike rack at head office to help encourage people to ride to work.
  • We are exploring ways to encourage car sharing.
  • All CSSC company vehicles are now either hybrid or electric.
  • Champion and encourage events to demonstrate a sustainable legacy
  • Host and promote more events and activities which improve local environments
  • Only provide merchandise and promotional materials that can be reused or recycled
  • We will only do business with companies that have a sustainability plan or are local businesses to help the local economy
  • Following the WEEE Directive for electronic waste
  • We apply the Waste Hierarchy (attached) to maximise the value of our resources and eliminate single-use plastics from our office and events to minimise their use
  • We now offer a workplace used battery recycling scheme