Summary of Volunteer Committee - 13 February 2024

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Summary of Volunteer Committee - 13 February 2024

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Regional Conference feedback and actions

The main points raised during Regional Conferences included:

  • The need to further streamline communications;
  • Requests to provide additional guidance on the use of social media;
  • An appetite for provision of more insight into what members want to see locally; and
  • Suggestions on further enhancements to the website.

The Committee agreed the actions planned in response. The VC will focus on these areas in 2024 and the Head Office team will ensure that Regions and Areas are briefed on the outcomes.

Approach to cashbacks going forward

Reasons for changes to Volunteer led cashbacks from January 2025 were explained, including: potential legal challenges from national institutions; and confusion or duplication leading to a poor member experience. Going forward, the Product Team will work with Area Volunteers to convert local cashbacks into bigger, direct discounts with venues wherever possible. The most popular member offers will be prioritised. The Committee heard how this approach had increased both the discount rates, and the number of members benefiting. VC members requested urgent communications for affected members, and the provision of “lines to take” for Regional and Area Volunteers so that they were in a better position to handle member queries.

Affiliate communications

The Committee heard improvement proposals arising from a review of email communications within CSSC (including the affiliate communications process) including:

  • Simplifying the 90 member “preferences” available currently into 4 areas: Sports & Fitness; Days Out & Activities; Savings & Discounts; and Local News & Events;
  • Allowing members the choice to “opt in” to other Areas
  • Automation of processes and functions, which will allow Volunteers to simply upload events, whilst the system “handles the rest”.

The Committee welcomed these changes. They stressed the importance of using relevant Volunteer practitioners in the development and testing of the new approach before implementation. It was confirmed that key Volunteers will be included throughout the project.

Hot Topics/Best Practice

A range of topics were raised by Regional representatives. These included:

  • Some members were frustrated that the new charge for a physical membership card had not been communicated in advance;
  • The need for more leadership and support to the Regional ED&I diversity champions;
  • A request for more opportunities to engage directly with the finance teams, to provide support and guidance - particularly at busy times; and
  • The need for clarity on the approach to responses to questions raised on social media.

The success of local PRIDE events in the North West was shared, with a request for more “drop in” sessions with VTL’s throughout the year to enable volunteers to engage with each other.

Volunteer Improvement Programme

The Committee were advised that the Volunteer Learning Management System will go live over the next month, and the Long Service Award will be rolled out shortly.